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Principal’s Corner

Dear Hawthorne Students and Families,

As we head into the second quarter of our school year, we want to start by sending a huge thank you to all of our students’ grown ups for taking time to meet with our teachers for conferences last week! We love getting the time to talk with you, and are especially grateful for that face-to-face time with you this school year (even when it’s virtual)! Thank you also to our amazing PTO for providing such a FUN fall party last week!As the year progresses and we grow more and more exhausted with Covid fatigue, it’s easy to let all of the frustrations and negative emotions overwhelm us. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the good in a world that seems to be falling apart around us. This month I am challenging our Hawthorne staff to find three things to be grateful for every day. And I challenge our Hawthorne students and families to do the same. Let’s have the next couple of months be a time where we focus on the good around us and not on the things we’re missing. I challenge you to shift your thinking, to find the good and to share your gratitude with those around you.

Here’s to an amazing second quarter!

Lauren Malone


Hawthorne Elementary

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