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District Receives Outstanding State APR Scores

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Kearney School District is pleased to announce the results of the Annual Performance Report (APR) released by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. KSD’s overall results show students are succeeding in the classroom and graduates are prepared for their future. KSD continues to be ranked as one of the top performing districts in our peer group as well as the state.

Areas of Excellence:
English Language Arts (ELA)
– 1st in Peer Group
– Top 13% in the State

– Grades 6-7: 1st in Peer Group
– Grades 6-7: Top 5% in the State

ACT Score
– 1st in Peer Group
– KSD 22.9 | State Average 20.8
– KSD Improved from  21.7 in 2018-2019

Where Do Our Graduates Go
At 97.7%, the district has the top achievement score among its peer districts related to post-graduation success. KSD’s results show that alumni are still actively progressing in their post-graduation plans whether that is college, technical school or military or working in their career path. 

Overall Test Rankings
– KSD is ranked in the top 10% in the state in 9 of the 15 tests.
– In ELA, KSD is ranked in the top 10% in the state in 7 out of 8 tests.

To see more details and comparative data, click here.

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